Corrosion is an existing problem that forces industries to face expensive efforts to protect its plants and equipment. Traditional coatings and paints supply a protection barrier not always suitable; the presence of porosity and poor adhesion enable the onset of the degeneration and failure of coating systems. Repairs and replacements are time consuming and costly, with a severe impact on our environment.

After decades of experience in the naval and offshore petroleum industry, our company has developed a range of innovative products based on ceramic micro particles tightly bound into a resin matrix. The resulting, high performance of these products provides a superior barrier and adhesion properties to ensure long term corrosion protection in comparison with traditional coatings.

Mechanical properties:

  • Adhesion >30 MPa (ISO 4624)
  • Abrasion resistance ~ 10mg (ASTM D 4060)
  • Flexibility >30% (ASTM D522)
  • Low permeability
  • Effective T° operating > 149°C
  • High dielectric strength, natural electric insulator
  • High smoothness

Cost advantages:

  • One coat system
  • Application with standard equipment (spray, roll, paintbrushes)
  • Saving in application time and cost
  • Easy to repair