Protech Srl, founded in 1996 for marketing and distribution of special coatings, innovative and technologically state-of-the-art products for maintenance in general industrial, naval, aviation and offshore petroleum industry.

Protech Srl has identified its trade area in anticorrosive and antiabrasive coatings, therefore specializing in the field of protection of various types of surfaces, the company has dedicated its energies in problem solving concerning corrosion, abrasion and erosion in extremely difficult and aggressive environments.

Protech’s real power is the use of new generation coatings which are resistant against any chemical, using high-tech composite materials, with ceramic fillers, also applied as monocoat.
The characteristics of our products’ performance are unique, offering improved protection compared to  other coating systems. Protech Srl can offer technical assistance and advice with qualified staff for any kind of requirement, moreover it’s able to supply know how about any request concerning corrosion with prompt solutions to your problem.
Conscious of the ever-growing need of respect for the environment, we have chosen to undertake a production of exclusively "solvent-free" products, offering our customers the opportunity to apply our products, reducing to zero solvent emissions into the atmosphere.